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Whole Soul

Embodied Intuition Workshop

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Join us for a beautiful collaboration from Allie of Live the Why Yoga and Taylor of Whole Soul. 

Spend a day with us to slow down and tune out the noise and demands of life, creating a free and conscious space allowing you to intentionally cultivate a stronger connection to your unique internal guidance, your intuition. In a world filled with so much external chatter, let's take a day to reorient to the wisdom within. 

Whether you are new to this concept or an intuitive person by nature, come explore with us and return to life able to move through your days with more balance and clarity. In order to rest and recenter we will connect through: 


Aromatherapy - 

Combining essential oils as into practice and gaining insght into blending and the powerful impact natural oils can have assisting us to a life of balance and wellbeing.


Pranayama - 

Breathing techniques, learn our 2 favourite practices that assist in cultivting peace and harmony within the body and mind.


Yoga Asana - 

Allow yourself the discovery and exploration of how it truely feels to be in the body you live inside - no expectations, no prior experience necassary and most of all no judgement - especially toward ourselves!! This is a chance to connect and create shapes with our physical beings and simply flow.


Creative Expression - 

Together we guide you through a process of tapping into your creativity to express and actualise your truest self, through journaling, art, creating, and sharing allow yourself to acknowledge how and what feelings arise and have the space to be heard.


Intuitive Movement - 

Connect in with what truely feels good for you, express yourself, to be creative with the human form.


Yoga Nidra - 

A deep guided journey - sink deep in to the layers of the mind, allowing the parasmpathetic nervous system to kick in and flood the body with nourishing stillness and awareness.


& Sharing a Delectable Nutritious Plant Based Feast... 

We cant wait to share our favourite recipies with YOU all totally inspiring plant based, gluten free, sugar free, wholesome real food delishiousness to feed your SOUL! You will not want to miss this part...

Please do let us know if you have any extra dietary requirements. (We have most basis covered.)


Who is this workshop for? 

This workshop is for anyone with the desire to explore and further connect inward and in a shared space. For people who are passionate to live in a conscious way toward personal and collective growth, healing and joy.

No prior experience is necessary just an open and curious mindset.


 What to bring with you.. 

- Water bottle.

- If you have a favourite blanket/throw or cushion bring them along, we will also have extras.

- Yoga mat if you prefer your personal mat, (we have extras if you need)

- Journal/notebook & pen.


Please arrive 10mins for a start at 10am, we are planning to begin at the beach should mother nature allow - weather wise and will confirm location on booking.

Wear comfortable clothes, something you can move freely in is best.


About your hosts... 


Allie Wallace - Live the Why Yoga 

Allie is originally from the USA, moving to Aotearoa/New Zealand in Jan 2020 for a more aligned lifestyle in the South Pacific. Caring for others for many years as a Critical Care Nurse, teaching Yoga allows her to fully express her heart-centered passion for love, life, and human connection with those around her.

Allie loves empowering others in growing toward a wholistic state of health and conscious living. Sharing practices that can help us to care for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing in our daily lives. Practicing yoga since 2012, she always knew that Yoga and Teaching were to be a part of her journey. Having gone through YTT, she feels deeply that teaching in a time like this is more important than ever.

Allie loves meeting and connecting with people on their journey of healing and thriving as we all ride the waves of life. Helping others to experience and connect with the practices that have so profoundly changed her own life. She believes wholeheartedly that we are far more similar than we are different, and that our differences are what make life so exciting and beautiful to explore. Healing the world begins with healing ourselves.

Allie is deeply passionate about being a steward of our planet and living a lifestyle of simplicity, closely connected with Mother Nature. Be the change you wish to see.


 Taylor Griffin-Marsh - Whole Soul 

Taylor is a small town girl growing up when Mount Maunganui was a ‘hippy’ beach town. Submersed in simple nature living a simple life is her connection with peace. After leading a fast driven career in the fashion industry a radical change came about with a deep intuitive knowing there was something more aligned to her true nature to bring purpose and meaning to humanity in the world as it seems to evolve toward a further state of complexity, unrealistic expectation and comparison.

Sustainability and Yogic living have been Taylor's personal grounding space for over 10 years and since 2019 she has been fortunate for the opportunity to travel through ancient lands of India and Sri Lanka Completing her 500 hour YTT surrounded deep within wisdom of ancient philosophy, lived in ashrams and retreat centres allowing the deep exploration into Yogic practices, Buddhist teachings and holistic health.

This has enabled life changing transformation towards balance, focus, clarity and created an abundance of acceptance and understanding towards life in the modern day world.

Experiencing the strong support and connection of having a community to drive forward together toward living a life of intuitive awareness, acceptance and unconditional love she has the deep passion and calling to share with ALL deep from the heart.

Living for the long term for our future generations to come. Without health of mind, body and soul we can not be in peace...

Health is the key to life, key to peace within and outward.


Taylor - @wholesoul_journey 

Allie - @livethewhy


If there are any complications due to alert level changes we will be more than happy to work with you, rescheduling this event or refunding should you be unable to make future dates.