Whole Soul Journey

Taylor Griffin-Marsh

The founder behind Whole Soul, a community vision of simple authenticity, support, love and sharing. I am very grateful for this incredible opportunity to share and manifest this long time dream to life! 


I aim to cultivate a completely inclusive community, to create a safe space, an open accepting mindset, a service to support and connect with each other to inspire living in happiness, and a wealth of health, to encourage future generations of how we can adapt and live in harmony amongst a rapidly evolving wider society.

Let an authentically simple and sustainable lifestyle be thy way to health, through understanding of healthy breathing, nutrition, movement, relaxation, mental and emotional exploration and environment. If we can live in balance, we can sustain a life of ease, harmony and peace.

I believe this vision is so very simple, yet so many of us (myself often included) find ourselves being caught up in complexities of the mind and modern day life, the more consistently we are able to bring ourselves back to the true simplicity of life we may offer ourselves the opportunity to bloom, and transform finding equanimity. 

I am here with a full-hearted passion to journey with those ready to commit to health, prioritise wellbeing and their future, to make the commitment and perhaps sacrifice of luxurious comforts for the greater longterm good, to inspire a culture of preventative living rather than fixing the problems and learning how to manage those ailments if they do occur…

May be grow together, supported through health and the wisdom of our bodies.

Be the Change You Wish to See.