3 Part Yogic Breath - Dirgha Pranayama

3 Part Yogic Breath - Dirgha Pranayama

This Pranayama is a beautiful way to fully explore the full potential of the lungs, teaching you to breathe effectively and fully. Connecting the physical body and mind into a state of calm and relaxation.

Breathing deeply, we first divide the breath into three separate areas becoming familiar with what it feels like to focus on one area of the lung: belly (lower), chest (mid) and clavicle (upper) area, then connecting all three areas together forming an even flow of breath expanding toward the full potential capacity of the lungs.

Either laying down or seated in a comfortable position with your spine straight, closing down through the eyes to allow the full awareness to be focused on the feeling of movement within the body.

Keeping the body totally relaxed and calm throughout the practice.

Belly breathing: Taking the hands to the belly with fingertips gently touching at the center near the belly button. Inhaling deeply into the belly allow the belly to expand and the fingertips to separate, exhaling the belly relaxes and comes back in toward the spine. Take 5 deep slow breaths feeling into the diaphragm movement and belly, where it is expanding, the front, back, sides, up, and down.

Chest Breathing: taking the hands higher up the body to the sides of the ribcage. Inhale deeply feeling the ribcage expand, exhale feel the ribcage relax. Take 5 deep slow breaths feeling into the movement and where it is expanding, the front, back, sides, up, and down.

Clavicle Breathing: take the hands even higher to the clavicle – collar bones. Inhale deeply drawing the breath to the top of the lungs feeling the clavicle expand and exhale release the breath feel the clavicle relax. Take 5 deep slow breaths feeling into the movement and where it is expanding, the front, back, sides, up, and down.

Connecting the three parts of the breath together, imagining the breath like a fluid wave entering the body then releasing from the body. Inhaling, draw the breath in a flowing upward motion from the belly, chest to the clavicle, feeling all areas expand. Exhale releasing downward from the clavicle, chest, belly.

Repeat the breath 10 times. Using the hands for extra guided focus and relaxing the hands when you feel comfortable.

With each breath further expand the lung potential capacity, drawing in vital life force exchanging stale air held deep within the lungs and allowing nourishing fresh air, oxygen, and energy to vitalize your being.

Practicing Dirgha Pranayama influences the body to breathe in the ‘correct way’ the more frequently we practice this breath consciously the body will habitually begin to subconsciously breath with this ‘correct’ rhythm positively impacting our health holistically. This practice can be used any time of day, it is great for re-centering the mind to the present moment or especially when you are facing a challenging situation. We recommend choosing at least 2 times per day to practice this breath - when ever will work realistically for you, perhaps before you eat, before you sleep, in the bathroom.

I would love to hear feedback of how you include this practice in your daily life and the benefits you have gained....

Om Tat Sat x

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